Coaching Out of Season

Coaching Out of Season

Out of Season Practice:

Coaches should be familiar with the COMAR regulation governing Out of Season Practice, and Camp Rule. (COMAR 13A.06.03)


.04E (1)  “Member MPSSAA schools and coaches of member schools shall confine school practices to the seasonal limitations as defined in Regulation .03 of this chapter.”

Interpretation: Any school group or team gathering consisting of three or more players that has assembled for the purpose of drilling or instruction would constitute a violation. School coaching staffs may work with a maximum of two players per day.

.04E(2)  “A coach may not coach a team representing the coach’s school beyond the sports season as defined in Regulation .03 of this chapter.”

Interpretation:  Any paid or volunteer coach at a member school may coach a non-school team provided the team has no direct affiliation with the school. When coaching non-school teams, including returning school players on non-school teams, the following criteria shall be observed:

  1. The non-school team may not use a name directly connected with the school.
  2. The non-school team may not use school uniforms, equipment, or funds.
  3. The non-school team may not use school facilities except as allowed by local school system guidelines.
  4. The non-school team must meet local school system standards of a non-school team.
  5. The number of returning school players on the non-school team is limited according to the following timeframe.


  1. From the start of the fall sports season as defined in Regulation .03, to the last state championship game of the spring season, the outside teams roster does not exceed 80% of the returning players of what would constitute a starting lineup in that sport OR a modified version thereof. i.e., 7-on-7 football, 3-on-3 basketball, indoor soccer, indoor lacrosse, etc.

    SPORT                  STARTING LINE UP                          LIMIT

    Baseball                                9                                              7

    Basketball                             5                                              4

    Cross Country                      7                                              5

    Field Hockey                        11                                            8

    Football                                11                                            8

    Golf                                      4 State members                   3

    Gymnastics – boys              6 events                                 4

    Gymnastics – girls               4 events                                 3

    Lacrosse                               10                                            8

    Soccer                                   11                                            8

    Softball                                  9                                              7

    Swimming                             12 events                               9

    Tennis                                    8 state events                       6

    Track & Field                        18 events                               14

    Volleyball                              6                                              4

    Wrestling                              14                                            11

  2. From the last state championship game of the spring season to the first day of fall practice, the outside team roster is unrestricted on the number of returning players.

Camp Rule and Equipment:

Camp Rule: .04IG(2), (3) “Member MPSSAA schools, member school coaches, school-related organizations, or individuals may not sponsor or conduct a camp in which students who are returning players are involved or participate. A camp composed of several coaches with their respective teams is a violation of this regulation.”

Interpretation: School-related individuals means any school employee, volunteer, their relative, and/or agents. Coaches may instruct non-school teams at camps.

NOTE: Alleged violations brought by member schools, students, or coaches will be investigated by the local superintendent or his/her designee. Those sponsoring and/or conducting a camp that is under investigation will be required to supply supporting data.

Equipment Rule:

A MPSSAA member school shall not provide school uniforms or equipment (including balls, scrimmage vest, helmets and safety equipment, etc.) for students who participate on a summer team or attend a camp outside of the defined sports season in .03.

Team Membership:

Coaches cannot require students to   participate in any summer program as a pre-requisite for team membership.

Baltimore County “Open Gym” Policy:

High schools may open their gymnasiums or facilities for recreational activities to students without being in violation of MPSSAA By-laws under the following guidelines:

  1. The gymnasium or field is open to all students in that high school for participation.
  2. A variety of recreational activities is available at all times and activities are not limited to one sport or activity on a given date or during a given session.
  3. There is no coaching or instruction in the skills and techniques in any sport.
  4. Participation is voluntary and is not required directly or indirectly for membership on a high school squad.
  5. Comparable opportunities are afforded both boys and girls.
  6. The school administration assumes the responsibility for making certain that there is adherence to these guidelines.

Violations, Penalties, and Appeals:

Failure to comply with these regulations shall constitute a violation which will result in penalties against the MPSSAA member school and either the student, the coach, or both.  Depending upon the severity of the violation, more than one penalty may be imposed against the MPSSAA member school, student, and/or coach.