Extended Day Learning

Extended Day Learning Program (EDLP)

Program Description

High school students access self-paced blended courses the evenings and/or on Saturday mornings at one or more centers across Baltimore County to:

  • Earn original high school credits for graduation. 

  • Recover high school credits for graduation.

  • Expand their range of courses and opportunities.

The EDLP is a part-time opportunity for students and may be a viable part of a student’s customized plan for BCPS graduation instead of or in collaboration with a full-time enrollment. Over 20 courses are offered in the EDLP; interested students work with their school counselors to determine if taking a course in the EDLP is a good fit for them.

The EDLP offers rolling enrollment; courses may be started at any point in the school year. It takes an average student 180-hours to complete a self-paced course; students typically finish in 1-2 semesters, depending on their literacy skills, readiness to engage in independent learning, commitment to attending face-to-face sessions to allow for reteaching and assessment proctoring, and commitment to working on course work in time beyond the regularly scheduled face-to-face sessions on a BCPS campus.

In the EDLP, each student personalizes learning by:

  • Collaborating with a teacher to create learning experiences including independent on-line work, peer-to-peer group work and teacher-directed instruction.

  • Determining when course assignments are completed outside of regularly scheduled meetings and assessments with the teacher.  

  • Accessing digital content from any location with internet access including their EDLP classroom. 

BCPS has high academic standards for self-paced blended learning students and, with direct support from teachers, students are expected to master course content with no less than an 80% accuracy.  To meet this standard, students:

  • Set, track, and celebrate goals;

  • Create and use notes for each unit of study;

  • Complete proctored pretests, unit tests, and final exams; and

  • Maintain a body of evidence of their learning.

Transportation to an EDLP site is the responsibility of a student’s parent/guardian. Each site is located within walking distance to an MTA line, and parents/guardians should consider transportation needs when identifying EDLP as part of their student’s educational plan.