Steps for Participation - Non BCPS Students

Students who do not attend BCPS high schools may take advantage of our credit recovery and acceleration opportunities provided space is available; tuition rates apply.    The EDLP has rolling enrollment; courses may be started at any point in the school year.  It generally takes an average student 180 hours to complete a self-paced course; students typically finish in 1-2 semesters, depending on their literacy skills, readiness to engage in independent learning, commitment to attending face-to-face sessions to allow for reteaching and assessment proctoring, and commitment to working on course work in time beyond the regularly scheduled face-to-face sessions on a BCPS campus.  Parents/guardians follow these steps to initiate the process:

  1. Work with the school counselor at the student’s enrolled school to determine whether courses offered in the EDLP will meet graduation requirements from the enrolled school/institution.  Questions may be directed to staff in the office of Educational Opportunities: 443-809-2270.

  2. Request that the head of school provide a letter on school letterhead indicating that, upon successful completion of the course, the school of enrollment will award credit.   The letter should be addressed and mailed to the attention of following individual via US Mail or via email from the school:

Stacy Bryan, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning
Baltimore County Public Schools
105 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

  1. Upon receipt of such letter, staff in Educational Opportunities will reach out to the parent/guardian to confirm that there is space in the program for non-BCPS students to participate and to coordinate payment of tuition for the course.  For the 2019-202 school year, the following tuition rates apply:

Baltimore County Residents
One Credit Course $275
Half Credit Course $150

Non-Baltimore County Residents
One Credit Course $425
Half Credit Course $300

  1. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be provided an official document to present to their head of school indicating a course grade and credit earned; it is the responsibility of the school of enrollment to add the course to their transcript.  If a course is not completed by the end of the school year, an “incomplete” is entered.  The student may apply for the Extended Year Program to complete the course; participation in the summer program is contingent upon space and requires the family to apply and meet the related deadlines and timelines, however, additional tuition is not assessed for a course in progress.  Alternately, the student may return the following fall to complete the course.