Home Schooling

Homeschooling is an educational option for a parent/guardian who provides instruction to his or her own child in lieu of enrolling the student in a public, nonpublic, or church-exempt school that is registered in the State of Maryland. 

Home Schooling in Baltimore County

Parents/guardians who intend to homeschool are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Maryland's home instruction regulations that are specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations, COMAR 13A.10.01.01—.05, and apply to homeschooled students who are subject to Maryland's Compulsory Attendance Law (5 years old or older by September 1st to age 18). 

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to read each informational document and view the videos to ensure that they fully understand Maryland's homeschooling regulations prior to submitting notification.

Informational Documents

Video Series: The Home Instruction Process in Maryland

  • Part 1 Initiating Home Instruction 
  • Part 2 Components of a Home Instruction Program 
  • Part 3 Special Topics for High School-Aged Students 

Notification forms for the 2023-2024 school year will be accepted after July 1st. 

To provide notification for (register) a new homeschooled student for this school year, click here:  
Home Schooling Notification

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Additional Important Notes

1. High school students participating in home instruction do not earn course credits or high school diplomas from Baltimore County Public Schools. Homeschooled students are eligible to take the GED at the age of 16 to earn a Maryland State High School Diploma.

2. Maryland's homeschooling regulations empower homeschooling families to self-select all curriculum and instructional materials for their children.  Accordingly, Baltimore County Public Schools does not provide, recommend, approve, or subsidize curriculum or instructional materials, including electronic devices, for homeschooled students.    

. Baltimore County Public Schools accepts homeschooling notification forms for students who are subject to Maryland's Compulsory Attendance Law (5 years old or older on September 1st up to the student's 18th birthday). 

4. If the parent/guardian of a homeschooled student suspects that the student has an educational disability (including speech concerns), he/she may contact Child Find Services by calling 443-809-3017. Specific information about Child Find Services may be accessed by clicking this link: Child Find
. Please note that BCPS is unable to provide special education services (including speech therapy)  to homeschooled students beyond the identification process of Child Find.      

For questions regarding homeschooling, please Contact Us.