Registration Form for New Homeschooled Students

Notification forms for the 2023 -2024 school year will be accepted after July 1st. 

Student Information

For the 2022-2023 school year, notification forms are accepted for students: - born on or before September 1, 2017

- are under the age of 18

- live in Baltimore County 

If you are not sure if your address is located in Baltimore County, click here.

Understanding the Regulations

Prior to submitting a homeschooling notification form (15 days prior to starting), parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to inform themselves of  Maryland's homeschooling regulations by viewing the Video Series: The Home Instruction Process in Maryland located on the Home Schooling homepage and by reading: 

COMAR 13A.10.01.01-.05 


Important Reminders

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the homeschooling curriculum and instructional materials. All BCPS laptops and other property must be returned to the school.
  • High school students participating in home instruction do not earn course credits or high school diplomas from Baltimore County Public Schools or the State of Maryland (unless they take the GED).
  • When a student stops homeschooling and enrolls in BCPS, the grade level decision is at the discretion of the school.
  • When a high school student wishes to enroll in BCPS and earn credits for homeschooling coursework, the school will administer the BCPS end-of-course exams. BCPS is unable to accept any homeschooling credits earned through online schools or other homeschooling programs. 
  • BCPS does not provide special education services to homeschooled students.

Providing Notification

Baltimore County Public Schools provides families with 2 confidential options for providing notification of home instruction (15 days prior to starting):

1. Complete an electronic form by clicking this link: Homeschooling Notification Form

2. Print, complete, and submit this Notification Form by e-mail or USPS.

Please submit only one form per child; there is no need to submit a form more than once. If you need immediate verification that the form was received, please send an email to [email protected]Once the form is received, a confirmation letter will be e-mailed (unless requested in another format) to the parent/guardian within 15 days.

If the student is currently enrolled in BCPS, our office will notify the school by copying pertinent staff on your confirmation email.  On the student's last day enrolled in BCPS, be sure to return all BCPS property, including but not limited to, laptops, library books, text books, and musical instruments.