Magnet Programs

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 Bryan Stoll

Paige Single
Administrative Secretary

105 W. Chesapeake Ave.

Towson, MD 21204 

Phone: 443-809-4127

Providing educational choices to parents of students with different interests, talents, and aptitudes, in an environment that enhances students’ educational success.

2020-2021 Magnet Application Cycle

Due to state mandates regarding COVID-19, Magnet Office staff will be working remotely during the school closures.

All Admission Decisions have been released. 
Placement offers may be viewed and accepted/declined via the Online Magnet Application System.

Wait Lists will remain active until November 13, 2020.
Information regarding the wait list can be found on the Wait List FAQs.

              Students new to Baltimore County (after November 15, 2019
but before September 8, 2020) are eligible to apply as a New Resident by September 11, 2020.




  • Conduct a centralized magnet admissions process;
  • Disseminate program and application information to parents and students through a variety of means (including a telephone hotline, newspapers, libraries, school personnel, and the Internet);
  • Meet with parent & community groups to discuss programs and application procedures;
  • Organize the countywide Magnet EXPO!;
  • Support schools and staff in the implementation of Policy and Superintendent’s
    Rule 6400, entitled Magnet Schools Admission, which govern all admission decisions;
  • Assist in the review and preparation of evaluation materials for high school magnet programs; and
  • Coordinate efforts with curriculum offices to ensure that magnet programs maintain high standards and rigorous curricula.