How to Apply

Read the following important information and then click the appropriate application button at the bottom of this page.

The online application deadline is 1 p.m. on November 4, 2022. 

Parents must use the appropriate button below to apply online. Parents will receive an email confirmation once the application is submitted.

Prior to submitting the application, parents should review the Magnet Programs Brochure and website for information regarding program descriptions, grade entry requirements, and transportation availability.  

Up to 3 magnet programs may be selected.  Changes to the program selection(s) can be made until the application deadline.

High School applicants ONLY:
Non-BCPS report cards and/or testing accommodations documents must be uploaded with the application or emailed to [email protected]  For more information, see page 4 of the Magnet Brochure

ALL high school magnet programs, with the exception of Overlea and New Town, require applicants to complete an assessment.  Failure to complete an assessment will result in disqualification for that program.  For more information, see High School Assessment Guidelines and Scheduling.

For assistance, please see our Magnet Application Troubleshooting Guide, or email [email protected].

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current student                      Not a BCPS student
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**Please note - if the student previously attended BCPS but is no longer enrolled, the parent will need to email Magnet Programs to reactivate the student's Focus account.