Assistive Technology

The Office of Assistive Technology functions as a result of the collaboration between Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and the Department of Educational Options. Federal guidelines (IDEA) provide a structure for considering and implementing a hierarchy of technology supports geared toward successful access to the curriculum for all students.

Assistive Technology is a device and/or service that is determined by an IEP team to be necessary to provide a student with educationally relevant and necessary access to a Free and Appropriate Education in the least restrictive environment.  The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), a federal law regarding special education, requires schools to consider a student’s possible need for assistive technology devices and services whenever an IEP is developed.   IDEA, SEC 602.1                       
Students’ needs are assessed on a case by case basis upon request for support from the IEP or school team.  AT consideration is an ongoing and collaborative process between school team, AT staff and families.