Interpreting/ Transliterating Services

Educational interpreters/transliterators (e.g., sign language interpreters, cued speech
transliterators, voice- to- print transcribers) facilitate communication by relaying auditory
information between the student who is deaf or hard of hearing, faculty/staff and hearing peers.

Interpreting/transliterating services are provided to Baltimore County Public School students
who are deaf or hard of hearing through the team recommendations at IEP meetings.
Interpreting/transliterating services for students include the instructional day, as well as school
sponsored activities after school (e.g., school sponsored sports, school clubs, school
performances, school related ceremonies, etc.).

In addition, interpreting services are provided to parents who are deaf and hard of hearing for
educational activities. For further information related to interpreting services for parents please
click on Interpreting/transliterating Services for Parents.

The educational interpreter/transliterator’s role is:
  • To ensure that spoken information presented in the classroom by the teacher or other students is accurately conveyed using the student’s preferred mode of communication (American Sign Language—ASL, Manually Coded English, Cued Speech, etc.)
  • To ensure that the signed/cued information of the student is understood by others through voice interpreting
  • To provide students the opportunity to be involved in classroom and school activities
  • To act as a liaison for classroom accommodations
  • To be an active member of the school team related to issues regarding interpreting services, the student’s communication style and skills, and the student’s access of interpreting services.