Staff Directory

Division of Curriculum and Instruction
Main: 443-809-2809
Name Title Phone
Dr. Mary McComas Chief Academic Officer 443-809-3593
Gepsie Cox, CAP Executive Administrative Assistant 443-809-9550
Denise Frock Fiscal Officer 443-809-6210
Department of Teaching and Learning
Main: 443-809-4671
Name Title Phone
Megan Shay Executive Director, Academics 443-809-4262
Julie Leonard Administrative Assistant 443-809-9616
Kasele Mshinda Director, Mathematics PreK-12 443-809-9626
John Billingslea Director, Social Studies 443-809-9957
 Sherri Fisher Director, CTE & Fine Arts 443-809-9592
Jennifer Hernandez Director, World Languages & ESOL 443-809-9643
Jennifer Craft Director, Language Arts PreK-  443-809-8663
Christine Schumacker Director, Science PreK-12 443-809-9613
Department of Academic Services
Main: 443-809-4196
Name Title Phone
Dr. Melissa Lembo Whisted Executive Director, Academic Services 443-809-4600
Jessica Finke Administrative Assistant 443-809-4725
Wade Kerns Coordinator, Office of Advanced Academics 443-809-4330
Michele Stansbury Director, Office of Title I 443-809-4012
Dr. Heather Wooldridge Coordinator, Office of College & Career Readiness 443-809-3971
Lisa Dingle Coordinator, Office of Early Childhood 443-809-9561
Department of Curriculum Programs & Services
Main: 443-809-3866
Name Title  Phone
Dr. Jeffrey Holmes Senior Executive Director, Curriculum Operations 443-809-3866
Darlene White Executive Administrative Assistant 443-809-9560
 Deana Giannelli Master Scheduler 443-887-5100
Department of Academic Programs and Options
Main: 443-809-3033
Name Title Phone
Dr. Douglas Elmendorf Executive Director, Educational Options 443-809-3033
Tara Thompson Administrative Assistant 443-809-3033
Leeann Schubert Director, Educational Opportunities 443-809-2883
Julie Forbes Director, Virtual Learning Program 443-809-6000
Casey Kirk Supervisor, Special Projects 443-809-9492 

Department of Special Education
Main: 443-809-3660
Name  Title  Phone
Allison Myers Executive Director, Special Education 443-809-9982
Lorena Tant Administrative Assistant 443-809-9025